Nishikawa is a synonym of quality, since the ingredients used have high quality standards from the elaboration, creation, and service of our products. Something that we have forgotten, even today, is the human quality. In Nishikawa, more than the quality of the product and service, we also work on human quality, considering that all employees are capable of helping, serving someone who needs in and out of our workplace.


Reaching the results with quality fulfilling effectively and efficiently reaching the goals and objectives in Nishikawa.


A decisive factor to mark a difference is to have an excellent service and attention to our clients, providers and distributers.


Nobody reaches their goals on their first try, nor reach perfection in life with a simple rectification. Perseverance is key to achieve the desired success. In Nishikawa, we follow perseverance and hard work to achieve the desired results.


Acting with congruency with one thinks, feels says and acts cultivation the respect and the truth.


Galvanize our processes in time and the correct way to increase the sales and quality in the service.


The individual talent wins battles but teamwork wins wars and conquers. In Nishikawa, we work all together giving our best of each one of us as a group, we can create the best peanuts.